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>> please pardon the delay. >> of violence has stepped up the presents. they have literally place themselves between rival gangs. >> we continue to develop relationships and trust that have paul 100 percent success from the knees in education. from the families trying to recover. >> during the robbery they shot him. and he died of his
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injuries. >> if these are gang-related or not the supervisor and the mayor's office addition to an additional $30,000 so violence prevention can have much of it presents. new tonight at 8:00 p.m. with new details just how much the giants celebration cost taxpayers. the numbers are less than you think. and j.r. stone. >> my sources confirmed that the city spent about $100,000 extra for the giants celebration parade. the 100 grand covers public safety. and cleanup. with medical it could even go higher. they have applauded for events like this. and they are ready the san francisco giants spent about $1 million. we talked
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about the cleanup and they have cleaned up 21 t of debris. also they have also used eight number of volunteers. the police chief estimate that 1 million people were in the city for the parade. and the all-time record and muni was also at the very least the san francisco 49ers parade from the 1980's. >>pam: the suspected arsonist maureen kelly has the latest on this investigation. >> san francisco police
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apartment once this video of the suspects setting this publicly bus on fire to call by row. since they released this public muni bus to go on line on social media sites they have gotten a flurry of facebook and twitter. that has provided additional leads to social media has helped the computer before its has not taken long for the computer to generate leads. their received an anonymous tip in less than 24 hours of gregory granis. and san francisco police department is asking for anybody who is known anybody as these suspects, and also the people there on the bus. 2, forward. >> we will get these guys. >> maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> officials are
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investigating the death of an unidentified man who this is the third dead body discovered along that coastline in the last two weeks. jeff bush explains and has reactions from locals. >> on thursday morning this happen to run 9:departed their grip on the beach and this tourist found the body of a dead man. at 9:30-this tourist found this white man in his 30's. local residents were talking about this it was on everybody's mind. >> it was a shock. and there was a dead body it was crazy. >> it does not happen that often? >> not that are not know of. >> they told me. and they said that they found a body near miramar. and officials have not ruled out foul
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play. he had no visible signs of trauma they are waiting fo the cor coroner.. also, demand was a found and a 16 year-old girl was found not that far from here. charles clifford, kron 4. >>jacqueline: taking a look at daly city for the inland valleys we will see low 60s as we take a look at the satellite and radar a picture of the rainfall has pressed to the east. clear conditions but the fog has returned on the coast and we concede that fog is approaching with things cooler for tomorrow afternoon taking a look at the weather headlines. we
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can expect dense fog in patchy fog in some ileus. as i just mentioned temperatures are going to be in the 60s for the most part. and as we go towards the weekend or sunshine is expected and we will see warmer conditions 70's for the entire bay area. we will take a look a your extended forecast for the chance of rainfall coming up. >>pam: coming up cleaning up after sandy with power outages in the impact on travel. struggling bay area homeowners get a big break. where many people were seeking advice and help for their out of control mortgages. and the ipad mini. starting tomorrow is at it worth the wait and the money? we will have details coming up in our tech report.
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this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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>> the latest on the devastation and the cleanup from meccga strom sandy power saying that at least 4.5 million people are without power in the teen's states. and fuel shortages on the east coast. financial analysts are saying that it is still the $20 billion it could mean $50 billion in economic impact. making it the fourth costliest catastrophe in united states history. >> a bit better use with the new york. airports are open. they were shut down after sandy la guardia, and jfk and the liberty in newsark
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have opened on a limited basis liberty newark however they are revising a call ahead. we are getting a better idea of just how much damage was done. charles clifford has the amazing before and after is. >> this damage is widespread. this is the new jersey shoreline. take a look at the before and after. this is what this small peninsula looked like. this is what it looked like after. this is what the casino look like in seaside heights. and this is what it looks like now there is also debris on the shore. this is what it looked like before and this is what it looked like after. the western end of the bridge and there is also a lot of damage and
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further inland. from eight avenue in new york city take a look from a this prone building. this is after the storm the entire wall has fallen down. finally this is the entrance to the parking garage iand this is what it looked like afterwards. several cars were sticking out of of water. charles clifford, kron 4. >> to have my cat? >> hello. >> this emotional moment and new jersey were this family was finally reunited with the family cat. they had to leave the family pet behind in a shelter but local police ripple to find it and return it to its family.
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>> we saw wet weather but the conditions are improving. taking a live look outside things are a bit reduced with that fog. the rain has been isolated in the north with chilly 1 in. in santa rosa. for nearly one-third in mountain view. the satellite and radar showing this tail end of the system is continuing to approach. we are not going to get rained just cloud coverage with warm, dry air. the clouds are streaming in. as we can see clear skies. let us take a look at what expect tomorrow. widespread fog temperatures in the 40's in the 50s and for the afternoon partly cloudy skies things to this storm system that we just saw.
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however if you are going to the evening hours specifically will have cloud coverage throughout the day tomorrow. as you go for tomorrow temperatures in the 40's and '50's. 40's through santa rosa. and 40's and our inland valleys and low 50s for the east bayshore. in the south bay 50s and 60s with even 70's to cupertino. it will also be in the upper 60s and low 70's for the east bay shore. low 60s expected for the coast. and upper 60s for the most part for the north bay. a look at your extended forecast with widespread fog. and we are going to continue to see that cloud coverage but some clearing possible by tomorrow afternoon. '70s and
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'80s for much of the bay area. >>pam: the ipad mini is going on sale tomorrow. pre- orders on the blind have already sold out. it will take two-three weeks to ship gabe slate tech report " we can expect. is it expected to sell out? right now, there are no people camping out but it is early. they can still show up early it is already sold out on line if the want to secure this as a holiday gift? perhaps there could beelines. this price break down the ipad mini is $330 it will be on sale it should be at best
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buy. from what i have seen it looks like the best of the smaller inch tablets. and at $330 it is only $70 less than a full ipad 2 so it is a strange price point. for people that purchased a matter what they will purchase this. i have had my hands on it and it is awesome. and it is like a smaller ipad. it will fit perfectly in your purse. and people have something with the want a little bit smaller. if you use the ipad as a reader? this could be for you. and perhaps it just it's too heavy if it is
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in your hand for a long time. tune in tomorrow, will of the fall of states. >> coming up later just close your eyes and imagine if you got fired and they gave you 200 million-dollar is. that happened to a san francisco giants. and also matt cain is generosity in terms of all call. "
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>>pam: sutter health saw 7 hospitals... the nursing somstrike. >> this one the strike is intended to send a message that we are serious. and
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what can get us back in here without interruptions is them coming to the table and negotiating with us. >> this is the sixth in a series of strikes and the california nursing associations over contracts that have been under negotiations for 18 months. this one day walkout took band berkeley, and oakland and even castro valley, san leandro hospital, suffered deltoid in antioch and in vallejo. we will be back. sutter
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>>pam: decision 2012. after getting blown off track. president obama and mitt romney where they are as election is getting better. >> + this tale in eureka surfer...
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>>pam: our top stories at 8:30 the california highway patrol officers are hitting the streets and oakland. after cracking down on the skyrocketing rate of violence. the c h p will focus on the traffic related incidences. the department has not released
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a timetable for how long this will last. >> and oakland family is looking for answers after their father was shot and killed in a robbery working at a cellphones tour last night. cellphone --store owner wilbur burkley.. and to the giants celebration was an amazing turn out. it was even larger than 2010. with nearly 568,000 using public transportation, bart breaking records. the giants spent $1 million to throw one giant party. >> it might be fading from the headlines but the home mortgage mortgage is still a difficult issue many of
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those struggling are finding some relief through an organization that has set up shop at the san jose convention center. >> to make ends meet there is a new favorable loan and a lower payments. before i was paying principal and interest and now i'm able to pay principal, interest, and taxes and insurance and less for all of those each month. >> this nonprofit group is a need for assistance group of america and the provinces on the spot solutions for affordable mortgages. >> there is nothing like meeting face to face that you can meet with your lender. and having them side by side. >> based on their financial situation the will to a loan modification and presented
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to the blunders. most of them are here and it is free. the bank will pay all closing costs. >> we come here to meet our customer's faced to face and get their market is modified. commoditie%-80% our ss rate. >> now i'm able to make those payments, there is no doubt in my mind. >> there is a second chance to holding on to the american dream. san jose, rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> decision 2012. this new storm could cause big problems for the election day. still super stormy sandy but a number wintry storm could continue on election day. at this point is too difficult to pinpoint the severity or the timing. they are saying that if
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nor'easter is possible. matt romney and president obama are in seven-states mitt romney. >> obama:customer mitt romney has been using all of his talents as a settlemenstill cement-government wrongly is trying to dress of these same policies that we have been dressing up. that failed us and the last four years. >> there's no question the we cannot have for years like we have had for the last four years. i know that they are chanting for more years but we are chanting only five more days. >>pam: president barack obama got a surprising endorsement from new york city mayor and independent blumberg. he made that announcement using this extreme weather to highlight the presidency mayor michael
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bloomberg developed a strong record of the economic policies with environmental impacts in his first term. panel mitt romney was heckled about climate change in that is exactly what caused this monster storm. and as they eventually pulled down his son and that said " and th-- end the climate silence'.. was his --sign... proposition 30 was in the bay area for the last minute campaign efforts for
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proposition dirty. dan kerman has t details. proposition 30. >> proposition 3 is crystal clear to invest in the california dream. keep the creativity, the innovation alive and expand and intensify. >> with just days to go california gov. jerry brown was in san francisco drumming up support for proposition 30 the temporary tax increase to help education. he says that this is simple. with money in the to the schools and into the dream or about. in, out, yes, no, on, off. most of the audience seemed to participate and support it but it is not a sure thing at the ballot box. >> 48% are inclined to vote yes that is done from a 51%. the mid september and in the mid '50s. >> while the current polls
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show that the support has dropped over time there still a chance that it can pass. >> they suggest that there are initiatives that it is not continuing downward. there are 15 percent of the voters that are not decided and he just needs to attract 2%-3%. >> proposition 38 is even a bigger trouble. with 34% are in support and 49% are opposed and 17 percent have not decided. the governor has gone out of is we do not say anything bad about proposition 38. but he believes that proposition 30 is the way to go. and while both measures are for the funding of education, the passage of proposition 38 will not stop the trigger cuts. only the passage of proposition 3 will do that. in san francisco, dan kerman, kron 4 news.
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>> this for the california man is recovering after fighting off a great white start. scott stevens was surfing after this-great white-shark--he did not even see the dorsal fin. >> he pulled me under and shook me with my eyes under water. and i punched him on the site of the head for him to release me. >>pam: he caught ra we'v and swam away towards other surfers they used their body weight to lay on top of him to keep him from bleeding. he is doing well. the only thing keeping him from the ocean is getting a new surfboard and wet suit. ocean is getting a new surfboard and wet suit. >> wh[ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere.
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citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>>pam: stocks were up sharply. hopeful signs about the u.s. economy including a jump in consumer confidence. fear is a look at the numbers that confidence in the economy increased to the highest level in nearly five years. they were encouraged by improving the job market. it was up and the nasdaq and the s&p was also up today. >> good news for its dark box the sales are perking up after a sluggish last quarter. the seattle-based company saying that existing stores sought a 6% as they expand in the 600 new stores in asia. and the first starbucks in india last month. the executives say that holiday sales will be up because of the new single cup whole brewing
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machines. >> the chileans are saying that this is a 2010 world championship chess against the giants-coming up details and the giants. and the rifles on sports, coming up, next sports rivals
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now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> this is thomas the hippo being loaded into the san francisco police pickup truck. this is what thomas used to look like three years ago now he looks like something from a concrete dufty. >> i do not know who is going to be putting this together. >> this was stolen in the richmond district. >> hello, this is the owner before he was stolen and he
8:45 pm
was caught up. >> and he is there whenever you are ready. >> how they become reunited but it is bizarre but what is not? and the month of june a street person was spotted with the metal and it was turned and the owner of the scrap metal looked at this and called the san francisco police. lo and behold it was thomas. >> since that date it has been there. >> that is the bizarre part in a totally different incident this man was on probation and was found in his apartment with heroin, methamphetamines, a shotgun and a bronze hippo head. yes, thomas is back after three years. >> albeit in pieces he is back and he is back together i will put them back
8:46 pm
together. as my granddaughter says i can fix anything. >> my friends who practices voodoo and he brought me this and he says i put a spell on him. he will bring thomas back. and i thought? but he did. now he is home. and the province is that you will be put together again. the promise- >> we did see drier conditions and this live look outside from the golden gate bridge with visibility reduced. fog along the coast. first, rainfall with 1 in. in portions of the north bay. everywhere else was 1 in. with oakland, livermore with just traces. and less and mountain view but as we take a look outside we can see that it
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is pushing through. clear conditions and clouds associated with the second system. we are not getting any rainfall but we're going to get cloud coverage. it will keep things cooler. the weather headlines with dense fog and patchy fog elsewhere. this morning we do have moisture and the fog will be widespread overnight. towards friday. the clouds will be moving in add not that far offshore toward keeping things cooler but we're going to warm back up into the weekend as we see warmer, dry air. temperatures tomorrow look like this with upper 60s for the south bay. '70s through cupertino, los gatos, in 60s in sunnyvale. and 60s in sunnyvale. also upper 60s and '70s. livermore, pleasanton and 60s for the east bayshore. how 63 in san francisco and '60s to the north bay. for the sierras,
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a little bit of rain but clear conditions and the saturday with a slightly warmer temperatures. getting to the 60s. a look at your extended forecast with a bit of fog and cloud coverage. we will keep things in the 60s but saturday, sunday more sunshine will help warm things up. 70's and even along the coast. 80s for the inland valleys and a pretty warm weekend especially sunday as we go for next week. things will cool down with the chance of showers returning. >> it is the jack in the box sports caster, maybe we should have some transition music? >> we did have music i do not know why it was not
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loaded. i will talk to somebody. >> i gave the band the night off the kron 4 band lait is not easy because everybody wants a piece of me! >> poor gary! >> it is tough to be me. . and also would like to think esurance tennis classic and everybody just wants a piece of you. >> except the people that i want a piece of! [laughter] and aubrey huff... giving
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him $22 million and if you think that would be and not? four sub-par performance. however, to make sure. they have to give them $200 million. he was good in 2010, no question. however, he received $200 million buyout. and we will get right to the bottom line angel pagan, they want to bring both of them back. however the way that this works. without boring you with the details they do not have to make a qualifying offer by tomorrow's deadline. they say they are not going to do it. with $13.3 million per year. and right now all they want to work something out but not at that price point particulates. but they are valuable. matt cain and parting gifts. this bottle of kron of royal x r is
8:51 pm
given to-kron royal --crown royal x r... >> the check in the bo jacket te jack in the box and the crown combo.... however, there is one place and there is only one place for all i eat. no, in radio, if you give them a shoe leather. i think that they would say that that is the best shoe
8:52 pm
leather coat to a man these >> and just the way that the business is going but i would say that i would never have a bad meal. and matt cain distributed crown royal x r to each player. and curt schilling is being sued by the state of rhode island 75 and in dollars the guaranteed him. for his fiddle the video game 75- million dollars he is being sued for. he is being sued for the amount of $75 million. by the state of rhode island apparently he used his own money and he is
8:53 pm
paying for it. raiders coach, turner.. and if he would have lost he would've been out in san diego but they came through tonight. what a deal he looked good as pretty as backup and now in kansas city, for getthe cha'e 04-4, kansas city, one-7. let me show you the raiders got the player of the month and sebastian. the special teams of the month and i cannot say this enough times. when mr. davis drafted him. they thought that al davis was crazy. but this guy, you're in, year out, for a week offense until this year. he has been the one guy you can count on. we will come back and just some more fun. with
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some malfunctions and i will let the best halloween costume abb mike ditka...a baby...
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>> a quick halloween recap this smoke machine went off and had to halt the game. the pistons lost. and here it is, that is a baby mike
8:57 pm
didtka... he is still the king in chicago. >> good night, everybody.
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